Activity URL in Experience Targeting (XT) activities

The Activity URL determines the page that is used in an Adobe Target Experience Targeting (XT) activity. This is the page that opens in the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) or Form-Based Experience Composer when the activity is designed.

  1. When prompted while creating an XT activity, specify the activity URL. Type the complete URL (including https://), then click Create Activity.

    note note
    Target does not differentiate between URL protocols ( https and http). As a result, and both match.
    By default, the VEC or Form-Based Experience Composer opens the page that is specified in your Visual Experience Composer settings. You can specify a different page during activity creation.
    If you specify a URL for a site that does not include a Target at.js JavaScript library or Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK, you cannot select page elements.
  2. (Conditional) To display a different page after the VEC opens, click Configure, select Page Delivery, then specify the URL in the URL field.

    Page Delivery dialog box

    note note
    If you change the URL after making changes to a page for one or more experiences, the experience is reset using the new page and the changes you made are lost.
  3. (Conditional) Click Add Template Rule to add more pages or sections to the activity.

    Additional rules can be based on any of the following:

    • URL
    • Domain
    • Path
    • Hash (#) Fragment
    • Query
    • mbox Parameter

    Additional rules can be joined to the Activity URL with AND or OR. All rules you add are evaluated against each other with AND.

  4. Click Save when you have finished.