Share metrics, audiences, and reports - A4T FAQ

This topic contains answers to questions that are frequently asked about sharing metrics, audiences, and reports when using Analytics as the reporting source for Target (A4T).

How can I curate a report for my users? section_24176388591A488C86F972213CD6A123


Often, you want to create a view of a test for different groups of users to make it easier for them to look at the test results. In Analytics, it is possible to create a bookmark that will save the current view of a report, including metrics, date ranges, segments, and other data.

For more information, see Bookmark manager.

How can I make sure metrics and segments are shared with my optimization team? section_38BCA134A2F64C21B670CBD4491B7099


If you are using special metrics and segments with a test, you might consider creating a user group for your optimization team. Share those metrics and segments with the group instead of individual members to make sure they all have access to the segments and metrics. Only Admins can share with groups.

See Sharing segments and Sharing calculated metrics.