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Search for assets by keywords in the Offers library in Adobe Target.

Search for code offers by keyword

  1. Click Offers > Code Offers.

  2. Type the desired keywords in the Search box.

    Note that you can also filter by using the Type and Source drop-down lists to further refine your search.

Search for image offers by keyword section_2465A71BC95942588F586B1EC8B9E5DB

  1. Click Offers > Image Offers.

  2. (Optional) Toggle between the Card View and List View, click the Card View icon or the List View icon in the upper right corner of the content library. You can also use View Settings to further configure the columns when viewing the List View.

    The following illustration shows the available options when viewing the List View:

    List View options

  3. Click the Content Only icon in the top left corner to display the search box.

    Content Only option

  4. In the search box, type a keyword for the asset(s) you want to locate, then press Enter.

  5. (Optional) use the Filters and Options pane to further refine your search.

    Filter and Options pane

    You can filter by:

    • File Type: Images, Documents, Multimedia, or Archives.
    • File Size: Small, Medium, or Large
    • Last Modified: Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Year.
    • Approval Status: Approved or Rejected.
    • Expiry Status: Expired.
    • Average Rating: 1 through 5.
    • Orientation: Horizontal, Vertical, or Square.
    • Style: Color, or Black & White.
    • Usage Score: Minimum to Maximum
    • Impression Score: Minimum to Maximum
    • Click Score: 1 through 5.