Chapter 9: Next steps and resources

We’ve covered the basics of running your first activity. We hope that activity showed you and your company the incredible potential that using Adobe Target to optimize and personalize has for impacting the business bottom line. This is just a start. It’s time to think about what you’ll focus on for your second activity? Consider creating a prioritized list of activities you want to run. You’ll be surprised by just how quickly you see how activity by activity you improve the customer experience and drive business success.

By the way, you have so many ways to learn more about testing, personalization, and using Target. Review the list of resources below to start building that knowledge. Listen in on our webinars, read the Adobe Target blog, attend Adobe Summit, and get active in the Adobe Target online community. Don’t forget that we’re here always here to help you launch your program and put it on a path to success. Reach out any time.

We’ve compiled an organized list of valuable information to help you gain even more knowledge about optimization and personalization using Target.

  • Setting up Adobe Target: Information to help you administer Adobe Target, including configuration settings for the Visual Experience Composer (VEC), reporting, Scene7 configuration, implementation, hosts, environments, response tokens, and users. See Administer Target Overview.
  • Adobe Target Product Documentation: Everything you need to know about Adobe Target. See the Adobe Target product documentation.
  • Adobe Target API and SDK documentation: Learn how to implement Target on Client-Side Applications, Server-Side Applications, Mobile Apps, IoT and more. Also, learn how to exchange your Target data with third-party solutions. See Adobe Target API overview.
  • Adobe Target Activities Guide: Introduction to the different activities you can use in Target. See Target activity types.
  • Adobe Target Customer Care: Stuck on an issue? Adobe Target users can email or call any time for support! See the Target Enterprise Support page.

Training and enablement

  • Adobe Target Tutorials: Learn the basics or refine your skills. See the Adobe Target Tutorials page.

  • Adobe Target On-demand Training: Explore the various Target courses we offer. See the Adobe training and tutorials page.

  • Adobe Target Videos: Binge watch the Target videos to watch success stories and solution capabilities. See Training videos for Adobe Target Standard and Premium

  • Webinar Series: Adobe Target Basics. Join our Customer Success webinar series that explores the basics of optimization with Adobe Target users. See Target Basics Webinar Series.

  • Adobe Customer Care Office hours: “Office Hours” is an initiative led by the Adobe Customer Care team. These sessions are designed to inform as well as help participants troubleshoot problems, and provide tips and tricks to be successful with the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including Target. See Adobe Customer Care Office Hours.

  • Adobe Summit: Attend the biggest professional event of the year for digital marketers.

Additional resources

  • Adobe Target Homepage: The homepage of Adobe Target, learn about our capabilities and see our latest success stories here. See Adobe Target.
  • The Blog: Stay up to date with the latest news, tips, and success stories by following the Target blog.
  • Experience League: Discover the guides, events, and training you need to kick-start your experience business, and get connected with the Target community and find the answers you’re looking for. See the Adobe Experience League homepage.
  • Adobe Target Certification: Achieve Adobe certified expert status with new Adobe Target exams. Schedule an exam here or training courses. See Training and certification.
  • Adobe Target release notes: Information about features, enhancements, and fixes for each Target Standard and Target Premium release. In addition, release notes for Target APIs, SDKs, the JavaScript library (at.js), and other platform changes are also included, when applicable. See Target release notes (current).