Design overview

Designs in Adobe Target Recommendations define how recommendations appear on a page. Designs define the layout and format of your recommendations to improve visitor engagement, conversion, and revenue.

Recommendations comes with several default (pre-build) designs or you can create your own.

Target can deliver the complete look and feel of your recommendations as shown in the following illustration. The design can include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This design is called a 4 x 1 design: four spaces in one row.

velocity_example image

Target can also send your recommendations as JSON objects that can be used in email messages, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, console, or voice use cases (Amazon Alexa or Google Home).

Designs help you determine:

  • How many items you want to show in a recommendation
  • How you want to display your items (in a row, column, grid, or table)
  • Whether you want to limit visitors to seeing only the specified number of items or do you want visitors to be able to scroll through several items?