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Reporting and Auto-Target

Information about how to interpret the Auto-Target Summary reports in Adobe Target, including the Automated Segments and Important Attributes reports.

For more information about each report, see the following topics:

Auto-Target Summary report

The Auto-Target Summary report lets you view reporting metrics in a table view or in a graph view.

This report lets you see metrics for Visits, Conversion Rate, Average Lift and Confidence Interval, and Confidence.

Automated Segments report
The Automated Segments report shows how different visitors respond differently to the offers/experiences in your Auto-Target activity. This report shows how different automated segments defined by Target’s personalization models responded to the offers/experiences in the activity.
Important Attributes report
The Important Attributes report shows how, in different activities, different attributes are more (or less) important to how the model decides to personalize. This report shows the top attributes that influenced the model and their relative importance.

For general reporting information, see Reports.