Implement Target

Before you start using Adobe Target, you must implement it on your site.

The Adobe Target Developer Guide contains information you need to know before you implement Target.

The Developer portal includes information about the following implementation types:

  • Client-side: Information about implementing using the Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK or the Target Web SDK (at.js).
  • Server-side: Information about implementing about using the Node.JS, JAVA, .NET, and Python SDKs.
  • Hybrid: Information about implementing if you use a combination of client-side and server-side implementations.
  • Recommendations: Information to help you implement Recommendations, a Target Premium offering.
  • Mobile apps: Information to help you implement using Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.
  • Email: Information to help you implement Target in emails.

For more information, see the Adobe Target Developer Guide.

All information that was previously included in the Implement Target section in this guide (the Adobe Target Practitioner Guide) is now included in the Developer Guide.