Troubleshoot Multivariate Test activities

This article contains suggestions for resolving some issues that might occur when designing a Multivariate Test (MVT) in Adobe Target.

  • When editing an activity, if you used Analytics-based metrics and the report suite doesn’t load (spinner displays), switch the metrics to Target metrics and then switch again to Analytics-based metric. The report suite should now load.

  • If you make changes to a test that is already running, you might reset the test and its data.

    Target lets you edit a live activity. Editing an activity that is in progress could reset the test, so reports might not recognize some of the changes.

    It is safe to make small changes, such as editing existing text or html offers.

    The specific actions that reset experience names and reports include:

    • Adding a new location
    • Deleting a location
    • Adding new offers or deleting offers from an exiting location