Upload content

You can upload images to the Image Offers list in Adobe Target to use as image offers in activities. You can also delete image offers when they are no longer needed in activities.

Add image offers to the list

  1. Click Offers > Image Offers.

    Offers > Image Offers

  2. Click Create > Files.

  3. Browse to and select the item you want to add, then click Open.

  4. Edit the item’s filename, if necessary, then click Upload.

Delete image offers or folders

To toggle between the Card View and List View, click the Card View icon or the List View icon in the upper right corner of the content library.

From the Card View, hover over the desired image offer or folder, click the Select icon (the check mark), then click Delete.

From the List View, click the image thumbnail image on the left side of the list to select the desired image offer or folder, then click Delete, as shown below:

Delete selected item

Training video: The Content Repository Overview badge

This video includes information about managing content.

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