Select audience

The audience determines which site visitors are entered into your Adobe Target activity.

In addition to selecting an existing audience, you can combine multiple audiences to create ad hoc combined audiences rather than creating a new audience. For more information, see Combining Multiple Audiences.
  1. In the Audience box, click the Edit icon (the vertical ellipsis), then click Replace Audience.

    Replace Audience option

    By default, all visitors are your audience. However, you can change the audience. Audiences are selected from the audience library or you can create an activity-only audience. The audience library contains audiences that have previously been defined, including some common audiences that are pre-built as a part of Target.

  2. Select or create the desired audience:

    For an A/B test without specific audience targeting, choose the default, All Visitors.

    You can also edit or copy an audience by hovering over the desired audience in the Add Audience dialog box, as shown below.

    Copying an audience is helpful if you want to create a similar audience to an existing audience. You can make a copy of the audience, make your edits, then save it as a new audience. This hover functionality exists in other activity types as well.

    Audience hover

    When creating an audience, you can select a location (mbox) and specify parameters for that location. Under Custom Parameters, select the mbox, then specify the desired parameters.

    note note
    Audiences are automatically imported in the background when you open the audience list and the imported audiences are more than 10 minutes old.
  3. (Conditional) Specify the percentage of qualifying visitors to include in the activity.

    For example, you might choose to include 50% of all visitors.

    Audience Percentage

    You can also choose to let Target allocate traffic automatically.

Training videos

The following videos contain more information about the concepts discussed in this article.

Using Audiences in Adobe Target (6:21) Overview badge

This video explains how to use audiences in Target Standard/Premium.

  • Explain the term “Audience”
  • Explain the two ways audiences are used for optimization
  • Find audiences in the Audiences list
  • Target an activity to an audience
  • Use audiences for passive reporting in an activity

Activity Workflow - Targeting (2:14) Tutorial badge

This video includes information about setting up audiences.

  • Assign an audience to your activity
  • Throttle traffic up or down
  • Select your traffic allocation method
  • Allocate traffic between different experiences

For detailed information, see Audiences.