Create an activity-only audience

Create activity-only audiences from within the Adobe Target three-step guided workflow while creating an activity. These ad hoc audiences can be used in other places within the same activity, but are not stored in the Audiences Library for use in other activities.

Activity-only audiences provide the following benefits:

  • You can use activity-only audiences to create an audience that you want to use only once and you do not want to store it in the Audiences Library. Activity-only audiences help prevent the Audiences Library from being cluttered with audiences that you never want to use again.
  • Activity-only audiences are not visible in the Audiences Library. Because these audiences are not visible in the library, they are shielded from unwanted changes by others in your organization.
  1. While creating an activity, on the Targeting page, click the three vertical ellipses, then click Replace Audience.

    Step Result

  2. Click Create Audience.

  3. Click This activity only.

    activity-only-aud image

  4. Type a descriptive audience name.

  5. Drag and drop the desired attributes into the audience builder.

    Rules make it possible to limit your audience to a subset of your site visitors. Each rule type has its own parameters. See Categories for Audiences for more information on configuring each type of audience rule.

  6. Click Done.


Keep the following information in mind as you work with activity-only audiences:

  • You can create activity-only audiences in the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) or in the Form-Based Experience Composer. This functionality replaces refinement rules in previous versions of Target.

  • You can create an activity to store in the Audience Library for reuse in other activities or you create an activity-only audience. After saving the audience, you cannot change the audience type.

  • Refinements for existing activities are migrated to activity-only audiences.

  • Activity-only audiences have a status of Used or Unused. Unused activity-only audiences display until the activity is saved. If left unused and you try to save the activity, a warning message displays informing you that unused activity-only audiences will be deleted.

  • You can view audience definition details on a pop-up card accessed from the audience picker without opening the audience.

  • You can combine multiple audiences to create activity-only audiences.

  • Activity-only audiences don’t support exclude rules.

    You can use the following alternatives to use exclude rules:

    • Create and use a library audience instead of an activity-only audience.
    • Combine multiple (up to 20) library audiences into an activity-only audience. When combining audiences, include and exclude rules in individual library audiences can be used even when the combined audience is saved as an activity-only audience.