System status updates and proactive notifications

Use the Adobe System Status page and proactive notifications to keep abreast of the status of Adobe products and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Proactive notifications alert you to outage events and maintenance events.

System status updates

Use the Adobe System Status page to view the status of Target and other Adobe products and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. This page helps you determine whether problems you might encounter are due to system updates or routine maintenance.

An in-product notification always displays during the monthly Target release, but minor updates sometimes occur and are listed on this page.
  1. Access the System Status.

  2. To see the status of Experience Cloud solutions, including Target, click the Experience Cloud tab.

    system_status image

    The top of the page contains information about maintenance events in progress and includes a link to manage subscriptions for updates for individual solutions.

    In the illustration above, Adobe Advertising, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Audience Manager and other solutions recently completed maintenance updates. All other products and solutions were functioning normally. It is always good practice to check this page if you experience problems when using Target.

  3. (Optional) Filter the list by products, regions, or by date ranges. Click the Major, Minor, Potential, or Maintenance links to further filter your results.

Proactive notifications

Proactive notifications are email alerts sent to registered customers for the following events opened against services included in the customer’s customer profile, including Target:

  • Solution-Level Alerts (does not isolate specific services within the solution)
  • CSOs (Outage Events) of Severity 1 and Severity 2
  • CMRs (Maintenance Events)
You must register to receive this alerts. Contact your Adobe Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Adobe Account Executive (AE) to initiate the registration process.

The following illustrations are examples of the proactive notification email alert:

Proactive notification 1

Proactive notification 2