Session settings

In Customer Journey Analytics, you can define a session in any way to match how persons interact with your digital experiences. You configure session settings within a data view.

Session settings definitions are non-destructive and do not alter the underlying data. You can set up multiple data views (each with their own specific session settings definition) as a foundation for your Workspace projects.

To define the context of a session within a data view:

  1. Select Data views in the Customer Journey Analytics UI.

  2. Create a new or edit an existing data view. See Create or edit a data view for more information.

  3. Select the Settings tab. Underneath Session settings:

    1. Enter a value for Session timeout in minute(s), hour(s), day(s), or week(s). The session timeout determines how long a session can be idle (no events occur) before starting a new session.

      Use a short session timeout (for example 30 minutes) if you are interested in analyzing mostly online interactions. For example, analyzing whether profiles visiting your online store product pages did add products to their cart or even purchased online.

      Use a long session timeout (for example 3 months) if you are combining online and offline data and want to analyze whether customers that have purchased one or more of your products, have called your contact center within the first three months after their purchase.

    2. Select a metric from the Drop a metric here list underneath Start new session with a metric. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a metric from the left pane on the Drop a metric field. The selected metric defines the start of a new session. You can define more than one metric.

      You can use any kind of metric to define a new session. As an example, imagine you want to define a new session every time a profile launches your mobile app. In Data view > Components, you define a component of type metric, named Launches, based on an appInteraction Name schema field. You further specify the Launches metric component to only count the value when the value matches launch.

      App Interaction Metric Component Launches

      Then you drag and drop, or select the Launches metric as the metric to define a new session.

      Session Settings Launches

  4. Select Save or Save and finish to save the session settings definition.