Include Exclude values component settings

Include Exclude values lets you create rules that depend on the value of a dimension item. Values that don’t meet the criteria that you set are treated in Analysis Workspace as if they never existed, though the data still exists in the underlying dataset.

Data views window highlighting the Include exclude values

Description/Use case
Set include/exclude values
A checkbox that lets you enable conditions where data is included in a data view.
Case sensitive
Visible on String schema data types. Defaults to on. This setting applies only to the Include/Exclude Values logic, not to the resulting value. It allows you to specify if the rule is case sensitive.
Lets you specify which values you would like to consider for reporting prior to attribution and filters (e.g., only use values containing the phrase “error”). You can specify If all criteria are met or If any criteria are met.

Lets you specify the match logic that should be applied to a specific filter rule.

  • String: Contains the phrase, Contains any term, Contains all terms, Does not contain any term, Does not contain the phrase, Equals, Does not equal, Starts with, Ends wit
  • Double/Integer: equals, does not equal, is greater than, is less than, is greater than or equal to, is less than or equal to
  • Date: equals, does not equal, is later than, is before, occurs within
Match operand

Lets you specify the match operand that the match operator should be applied to.

  • String: Text field
  • Double/Integer: Text Field with up/down arrows for numeric values
  • Date: Day granularity selector (calendar)
  • Date Time: Date and time granularity selector
Add rule
Lets you specify an additional match operator and operand.