Flow overview

The flow feature shows customer paths through your websites and apps.

It lets you:

  • Visualize the customer journey through your website or application
  • Analyze where customers go before and after specified checkpoints, such as entry, a specific dimension, or exit
  • Create filters by designating a specific point in a chosen path

Flow Visualization video tutorial(4:56)

Inter-Dimensional Flows in

You can show the flow between dimensions. For example, you might combine pages and departments in one diagram. In this case, your flow might go from the home page, to the Men page, then to the Shoes department.

Each column could show a different dimension. Drag a dimension and drop in a drop zone to add that dimension to the diagram.

Configure a flow visualization

For information about how to confgure a flow visualization, see Configure a flow visualization.

Export Flow Diagrams as Part of Project .CSV Files section_BACD2639A0FC4C49A75398F7D0363D9D

Flow diagrams are part of a project’s .CSV file that you can create by going to Project > Download CSV. This allows you to analyze Flow results within Microsoft Excel (visualized as a table) or elsewhere.