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Welcome to the Adobe Customer Journey Analytics documentation home page. Find self-help, support, and tutorial information with our array of product and technical documentation for Customer Journey Analytics (CJA).

Get started with introductory guides and learn how to best implement CJA for your business. If you’re already an experienced user, explore our in-depth videos and tutorials to connect your channel data and gain vital insights to help improve performance. Explore our full range of Adobe Customer Journey Analytics docs today.

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  • Customer Journey Analytics Guide
    Learn about Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and how to use Analysis Workspace with data from Experience Platform.
  • Overview
    Learn how Customer Journey Analytics lets you use Analysis Workspace with data from Experience Platform.
  • Getting Started
    Understand the prerequisites and workflow required to implement Customer Journey Analytics.
  • Media Analytics
    Implement Adobe Analytics for Streaming Media. Includes the Media SDK and the Media Collection API.

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