Customer Journey Analytics Guide

This technical documentation guide provides self help assistance for Customer Journey Analytics. Customer Journey Analytics allows you to bring your customer data from any channel you choose (both online and offline) into Adobe Experience Platform, and then analyze this data just as you would your existing digital data using Analysis Workspace today.

Customer Journey Analytics lets you control how you connect your online and offline data in Analysis Workspace on any common customer ID, finally allowing you to do attribution, filters, flow, fallout, etc. across your customer data.

What’s new?

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Forecasting is an Analysis Workspace feature to forecast a standard or calculated metric with any supported time granularity (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly). Forecasting is available for time-series related data only.


Guided Analysis* - Retention rates

A new view type that shows the percentage of users that return after their initial engagement within the desired date range. The horizontal axis represents the number of days since a user’s initial engagement. The vertical axis represents the percentage of users who engage again.


*Guided analysis is part of Adobe Product Analytics, which is a paid add-on to Customer Journey Analytics.

Guided Analysis* - Trendlines

Trendline overlays are now available in the Usage view, which helps depict a clearer pattern in data. The types of trendlines available are linear, logarithmic and moving average.


*Guided analysis is part of Adobe Product Analytics, which is a paid add-on to Customer Journey Analytics.

Key Metrics Summary visualization

When using the Key Metric Summary visualization, the Comparison date range can now automatically update, depending on whether the Comparison date range option you choose is relative to the primary date range or fixed.


Start with the basics

Start by reading the material in the links below to familiarize yourself with Customer Journey Analytics capabilities and functionalities.

Beyond online data
Learn how Customer Journey Analytics compares to Adobe Analytics, what features are shared and how you can use your Analytics data.

Ingest and use data
Learn about the options you have to ingest data into Experience Platform and use it for analysis and reporting in Customer Journey Analytics.

Guided Analysis
Learn how to use workflows to gain data and insights about your customer's product experience. Product Analytics through guided analysis…

Analysis Workspace
Use Analysis Workspace to perform basic and advanced analysis, like attribution, flow and fallout diagrams, dimension breakdowns.

Explore the documentation

Understand how Customer Journey Analytics compares to Adobe Analytics and how to get your data in the solution and then prepare, view, analyze and democratize that data and resulting analysis and reports.

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