Intelligent Captions

Intelligent captions use advanced Machine Learning and Generative AI to provide valuable natural-language insights for Workspace visualizations. The initial release provides auto-generated insights for the Line visualization. (Other visualizations will follow.)

Intelligent captions are geared towards:

  • Analysts who need narratives to share with other users. Analysts need these insights to be able to provide context to their users.
  • Business users who want to quickly discover high-level takeaways.

Captions are available to all Customer Journey Analytics users and do not require special permissions.

Launch intelligent captions launch

To launch auto-generated captions for a line visualization, click the Intelligent captions icon at the top right of the visualization.

Launch Analysis window showing the Intelligent captions for Product Views Trend.

Natural-language insights are now being generated.

Keep in mind that

  • You need a minimum of 3 data points for captions to successfully generate. Otherwise, you might get an error that reads “Not enough data to analyze.”

  • Captions are generated every time the underlying selected data changes in the table powering the visualization.

  • If there are multiple metrics in the table, captions are only generated for the first metric or the metric currently selected by the user.

  • If you save the project at this point, and re-load it later, the captions are auto-updated with new data. The same applies to scheduled projects and PDF files exported from this project.

View and interpret captions view

Here is a sample of what the captions could look like:

Intelligent captions for Line visualization including Seasonality, Min, Max, Spike, and Decline.

Copy to clipboard copy

You can copy the captions to a clipboard and paste them into a Powerpoint or other tool. Find the Copy captions to clipboard icon at the top right of the captions dialog.

Edit captions edit

You can edit the captions, such as hiding or unhiding a particular category of insights. For example, if you don’t want the insight about the minimum order, you can just hide it and click apply and it will not show again.

  1. Click Edit intelligent captions display icon next to the clipboard icon.

  2. In the edit dialog, click the eye icon next to the insight you would like to hide.

  3. Click Apply.

Use the same process to unhide captions.

Export captions export

You can export captions via PDF, as long as the project is saved with the captions generated.

Toggle captions off toggle

If you would rather not have intelligent captions generated, you can toggle this feature off by going to the Visualization preferences and unchecking Show intelligent captions.

Line visualization options showing the option to uncheck Show intelligent captions.

Intelligent captions in Mobile Scorecards

Intelligent captions are also available in Customer Journey Analytics mobile scorecards.