View annotations

Annotations manifest slightly differently, depending on whether they span a single day or a date range.

View annotations in Line charts or Tables

Single day

LIne chart visualization with highlighted annotation

When you hover over the annotation, you can see its details, you can edit it by selecting the pen icon, or you can delete it:

Annotations details with the option to edit or delete the annotation.

Date range

The icon changes and when you hover over it, the date range appears.

Date range annotation icon

When you select it in the line chart, the annotation metadata appear, and you can edit or delete it:

In a table, an icon appears on every date in the date range.

Overlapping annotations

On days that have more than one annotation tied to them, the icon appears in a grey color.

Details for overlapping annotations

When you hover over the grey icon, all overlapping annotations appear:

View annotations in a .pdf file

Since you cannot hover over icons in a .pdf file, this file (after export) provides notes of explanations at the bottom of a panel. Here is an example:

Highlighted view of a .pdf file showing explanations of annotations.

View annotations with non-trended data

Sometimes annotation are shown with non-trended data, but tied to a specific dimension. In that case, they appear only in a summary annotation in the bottom right corner. Here is an example:

The summary chart appears in all visualization types in the corner, not just in non-trended freeform tables and summary numbers. It also appears in visualizations like Donut, Flow,Fallout,Cohort, and so on.

Summary chart in visualizations