Share calculated metrics

Depending on your permissions, you can share metrics with your whole organization, groups, or individual users.

Can share metrics with All, with Groups, and with Users. Groups are set up as permission groups in the Admin console.
Can share metrics only with individual users.

To share a calculated metric:

  1. In the Calculated metrics manager, mark the checkbox next to the metric you want to share.

    Calculated metrics manager showing the available icons across the top of the window including Hide Filters, Tag, Share, Delete, and Copy.

  2. Select the Share icon.

    The Share Calculated metric dialog box displays.

    Share Calculated metric window with All selected for the Organization.

  3. Select Share.

  4. Choose who you want to share with:

    • All (Administrators only): Shares with all users in the organization.

      Consider sharing with all only if it’s of use to the entire company and everyone is comfortable using it. In this case, you should also consider making it an approved metric.

    • Groups (Administrators only): Select any groups you want to share with.

      Consider sharing with a group if the metric provides good business value for that team.

    • Individual users: Search for and select the individual users you want to share with.

      This is the only share option available to all users. Administrators might want to use this option to vet and validate a metric prior to making it available to a group or to everyone. If the metric isn’t useful, it can be discarded. Administrators should not officially approve this type of metric.

  5. Select Share.

    The Shared icon appears next to the metric: .

  6. You can filter on metrics shared with you by going to Filters > Other Filters > Shared with Me.

  7. (Optional) To filter the list of calculated metrics in the Calculated metrics manager to show only metrics that are shared with you, select the Filter icon, expand Other filters, then select Shared with me.