Workspace totals

In Freeform tables, a total row appears at each breakdown level and can show two totals:

  • Grand Total (gray ‘out of’ number) - this total represents all events that have been collected. When a filter is applied either at the panel level or within the freeform table, this total adjusts to reflect all events that match the filter criteria.
  • Table Total (black number) - this total is typically equal to or a subset of the Grand Total. It reflects any table filters applied within the freeform table, including the Include None option.

Freeform Table highlighting the grand total and the table total.

Display Total Setting

Under Column Settings, there are options to Show Totals and Show Grand Total. If these settings are unchecked, totals will be removed from the table. This may be desired in cases where totals don’t make sense, for instance, in certain Calculated Metric scenarios.

Column Settings options showing check marks for Show Totals and Show Grant Total.

Static Row Total settings

Static row totals behave differently, and are controlled under Row Settings.

  • Show sum of current rows as the total - this shows a client-side sum of the rows in the table which means the total will not de-duplicate metrics like visits or persons.
  • Show Grand Total - this shows a server-side sum, which means the total will de-duplicate metrics like visits or persons.

Row Settings showing Show Grand Total selected.

Frequently asked questions

Which ‘total’ are the gray column percentages based on?

This depends on the Percentages setting selection under Row Settings:

  • Calculate percentages by column - This is the default setting. Percentages will be based on the Table Total.
  • Calculate percentages by row - Percentages will be based on the Grand Total.
How does the Include Unspecified (None) setting impact totals?
If the Include Unspecified (None) setting is unchecked, the None/Unspecified row will be removed from the table, the Table Total, and will carry through to any calculated metrics that use ‘Total’ metric types
When custom table filters are applied to a freeform table, do all of my calculated metrics and conditional formatting account for the filter?

Not currently. Include Unspecified (None) will be accounted for, but custom table filters will not impact the following:

  • The column max/min range that conditional formatting uses will look across all data.
  • Calculated metrics that leverage Grand Total metric types.
  • Calculated metrics with functions that calculate across rows in a freeform table - i.e. Column Sum, Column max, Column min, Count, Mean, Median, Percentile, Quartile, Row Count, Standard Deviation, Variance, Cumulative, Cumulative Average, Regression variants, T-Score, T-Test, Z-Score, Z-Test.
In Calculated Metrics, what does the Grand Total metric type reflect?
Grand Total continues to refer to the Grand Total, and does not reflect filters applied to a table or the Table Total.
What total is shown when data is either copied and pasted from a freeform table or downloaded via CSV?
The total row will reflect the Table Total only and respects the column Show Totals setting.