About Folders in Analytics

Folders in Analytics is a folder management system displayed on the Adobe Analytics landing page and when Workspace > Projects is selected.

Folders in Workspace helps you organize and categorize your projects for better retrieval and access. In addition, a shared Company folder allows Admins to easily create and share content with all Workspace users.

When you have a long list of projects, navigating to a specific project has its challenges. With the folders feature, you can create folders and sub-folders to manage your projects, making it easier to find projects when you need them.

There are two types of folders in Workspace: the Company folder and personal folders.

When you log in to Workspace, the Projects home page displays a list of your projects along with the Company folder and any personal folders that you created.

Projects home page

About the Company folder company-folder

The Company folder is a shared-access folder for projects that Admins can share with all users.

As an Admin, you can quickly share projects with all users and group projects into subfolders for a user group. For example, if you have a set of projects that you want your marketers to use to start their research, you can create a Marketing folder within the Company folder then place selected projects within the Marketing folder. This quickly provides direct access to shared projects and it makes it easier for the Marketing team to know where to look for common files.

When a user logs in to Workspace, the Company folder is automatically added to their project and folder list. There are no specific permissions for projects contained within the Company folder.

Admin Options admin-options

Admins have special privileges assigned to the Company folder. For example, only Admins can add or remove folders or projects in the Company folder. Users without Admin-access can view the contents of the Company folder.

The Projects page showing the admin options.

Non-Admins have limited options.

The Projects page showing the non-admin options for folders.

Company folder guidelines company-folder-guidelines

  • Admins can add projects to the Company folder or create a new project and save it to the Company folder. Non-Admins can view the contents of the Company folder.

  • Admins can create subfolders within the Company folder.

  • Admins can delete a folder within the Company folder that another admin created. Admins may need to coordinate with other Admins to keep folder and project access consistent.

  • When an Admin moves a project to the Company folder, the project is shared with everyone with the Edit copy role, even if the original shared privileges were restricted.

  • When an Admin moves a project out of the Company folder, the original or previous sharing privileges are respected.