Customer Managed Keys

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics provides the option for Healthcare Shield and Privacy & Security Shield customers to utilize an Azure Customer Managed Key (CMK) to be applied to your Customer Journey Analytics data. Note that this process is separate from Adobe Experience Platform CMK setup.

Customer Managed Keys are currently available only for organizations that have purchased the Healthcare Shield or Privacy & Security Shield add-on offering.

Set up CMK for Customer Journey Analytics

Follow these steps to set up CMK for Customer Journey Analytics:

  1. Ensure that you are entitled to Adobe Customer Journey Analytics CMK by checking with your Adobe Account team.

  2. Ensure that, in Azure, you are an administrator with a privileged role such as Application Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, or Global Administrator. Learn more from Microsoft

  3. Create a new Azure Key Vault to be used only with Customer Journey Analytics. Learn more from Microsoft

  4. Grant the Adobe Azure App access to your key in the key vault. This is the Adobe Application ID: 251e3919-1940-4296-bb8b-6b9a5e8a4805. Learn More from Microsoft

  5. Create an Adobe Customer Care ticket requesting CMK setup. Include the Azure URI in your ticket. The URI can be found in the Key Identifier field of your Azure Key.

    Key Identifier fields showing the URI for

  6. Adobe Customer Care will confirm the completion of the CMK application on your Customer Journey Analytics data.

All data utilized by Platform is encrypted in transit and at rest to keep your data secure, with or without CMK. For information on Adobe Experience Platform encryption, learn more.