Report Builder Settings

Use the Settings pane to configure application-level settings such as the language displayed by the UI or whether or not to work in off-line mode. The settings are applied immediately and they are set for all future sessions until they’re changed.

To change Report Builder settings

  1. Click the Settings icon.

  2. Make changes to Enable off-line mode, select a Language, or enable Troubleshooting log settings.

  3. Click Apply.

    Report Builder date range pane showing the Cancel and Apply button.

Off-line mode

When creating and editing a data block in off-line mode, data is not retrieved. Instead, simulation data is used so that you can quickly create and edit a data block without waiting for the request to run. When you are back online, the  Refresh data block  command or  Refresh all data blocks  command refreshes the data blocks that you created with actual data.

To enable off-line mode

  1. Click the Settings icon.

  2. Select  Enable off-line mode.

  3. Enter a positive integer in the  Display metric data as  field.

  4. Click Apply.


You can choose the language for the Report Builder UI. All supported Adobe Analytics languages are available.

To select the language used in the Report Builder UI

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Select a language from the Language drop down menu.

    Report Builder date range pane showing the Language list with English selected.

  3. Click Apply.


Use the Troubleshooting setting to log all client/server data to a local file. Use this option to help resolve support tickets.

To enable the Troubleshooting option, select Log report builder request to local file.