Apply filters in fallout analysis

You can create filters from a touchpoint, add filters as touchpoint, and compare key workflows across various filters in Analysis Workspace.

Filters used as checkpoints in Fallout must use a container that is at a lower level than the overall context of the Fallout visualization. With a person-context Fallout, filters used as checkpoints must be visit or event-based filters. With a visit-context Fallout, filters used as checkpoint must be event-based filters. If you use an invalid combination, the fallout will be 100%. We have added a warning to the Fallout visualization that will display when you add an incompatible filter as a touchpoint. Certain invalid filter container combinations will lead to invalid Fallout diagrams, such as:
  • Using a person-based filter as a touchpoint inside a person-context Fallout visualization
  • Using a person-based filter as a touchpoint inside a visit-context Fallout visualization
  • Using a visit-based filter as a touchpoint inside a visit-context Fallout visualization

Create a filter from a touchpoint section_915E8FBF35CD4F34828F860C1CCC2272

  1. Create a filter from a specific touchpoint that you are especially interested in and that might be useful to apply to other reports. You do this by right-clicking the touchpoint and selecting Create filter from touchpoint.

    The Touchpoint drop-down menu with Create segment from touchpoint highlighted.

    The Filter Builder opens, pre-populated with the pre-built sequential filter that matches the touchpoint you selected:

    The Filter Builder displays the pre-populated and pre-built sequential filter.

  2. Give the filter a title and description and save it.

    You can now use this filter in any project you wish.

Add a filter as a touchpoint section_17611C1A07444BE891DC21EE8FC03EFC

If you want to see, for example, how your US users trend and affect the fallout, just drag the US users filter into the fallout:

The US Users filter selected and highlighted to drag into the fallout.

Or you can create an AND touchpoint by dragging the US users filter onto another checkpoint.

Compare filters in fallout section_E0B761A69B1545908B52E05379277B56

You can compare an unlimited number of filters in the Fallout visualization.

  1. Select the filters you want to compare from the Filter rail on the left. In our example, we have selected 2 filters: US Users and Non-US Users.

  2. Drag them into the Filter drop zone at the top.

    The Fallout visulatization with selected filters and red arrow pointing to the Filter drop zone.

  3. Optional: You can keep “All Visits” as the default container or delete it.

    The Fallout showing All Visits along with the two filters dragged in the previous step.

  4. You can now compare the fallout across the two filters, such as where one filter is outperforming another, or other insights.