Known limitations in Analysis Workspace

Here is a list of known limitations in Analysis Workspace and its related components:


  • Date comparison columns cannot be added when either date ranges or metrics are used as rows of a table.
  • Create metric from selection is disabled when filters are used as rows of a table. Additionally, Create metric from selection should not be applied to date-aligned columns.
  • Conditional formatting for breakdown rows cannot use custom ranges.
  • Table total rows cannot be trended when Calculate totals by summing the row values setting is applied (typically used with Static row items).


  • Visualizations that leverage filters, such as Fallout, Flow, Cohort, and Histogram, cannot accept calculated metrics as inputs.
  • Flow: Entry/Exit dimensions, e.g. Entry page, cannot be used in Flow.
  • Cohort: Non-integers cannot be used as Cohort criteria.

Components > Filters

  • Certain metrics and dimensions cannot be filtered, such as Occurrences, Unique Visitors, etc.
  • Ad hoc filters created in the panel dropzone are a type of quick filter. They do not appear in the left rail of Workspace or the Filter component manager unless they are made public. For more information, see Quick filters.

Components > Calculated Metrics

  • Calculated metrics cannot be used in certain visualizations. See ‘Visualizations’ above.
  • Calculated metrics cannot be used in the Attribution panel, since calculated metrics themselves can include separate attribution models.
  • Certain components and operators are unavailable if a calculated metric is created from Workspace (as opposed to being created from Components > filters). For example, IP Address.

Components > Date Ranges

  • Custom date ranges do not support This day last year, This day last month, etc.

Components > Report Settings

  • Some of the settings on the Report Settings page do not apply. Analysis Workspace uses only the Language/Currency/Encoding settings at the bottom: Thousands separator, Scheduled Report Encoding, and CSV Separator Character.