Select a data view

You can select a data view from the drop-down list or select a data view from a cell and automatically update your data block with a new data view.

Select data view from cell

Selecting a data view from a cell makes it easy to refresh data blocks using different data views. If your organization has multiple data views that are similar or identical to each other in structure, instead of creating completely new reports with separate data blocks, you can refresh data blocks with a data view selected from a cell. This is also helpful if you have complicated data block formats that include customized components and layouts.

To select a data view from a cell, first build a data block and assign multiple data views to a cell outside of your data block. Then, use the data view from cell panel to refresh your data blocks from different data views.

  1. Create a data block.
    For information about creating a data block, see Create a Data Block.

  2. Click the cell icon in the Data views section.

    Create new data block window with the cell icon highlighted.

  3. Select a cell location to add the data views to the selected cell.

    You might want to select a cell far enough away from your data block cells so that they don’t overlap.

  4. Confirm the selected cell location.

  5. Select the data views that you want to assign to the cell.

    Report Builder Quick edit pane showing the Select data views.

  6. Click Apply.

    When you finish your data block, you can refresh your data block using a different data view from the selected cell.

    Change the data view from the cell

  7. Click the data view cell location that you chose in Step 3.

    A drop-down menu listing the data views that you selected previously in Step 5 is displayed.

  8. Select a different data view from the drop-down list.

  9. (Optional) Select Refresh data block(s) upon change.

  10. Click Apply.

    Report Builder refreshes the data block with chosen data view.