Visitor Profile Viewer visitor-profile-viewer

Use the Visitor Profile Viewer to display the current state of a user profile for the current browser, including its traits and segments. For each trait, you can view its SID, name, details about how visitor traits were realized (first- or third-party), the realization date, and the frequency of realizations. For each segment, you can view its SID, name, and the segment membership date. You can also view the visitor profile for another Audience Manager profile ID (UUID). The Visitor Profile Viewer is helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

  • Access requires Administrator permissions.
  • There is a 24 hour delay before information about realized segments and onboarded traits appears in the user interface.
  1. Click Tools > Visitor Profile Viewer.

  2. (Optional) Click the trait name to display that trait in the Trait Builder.

    For more information, see Traits.

  3. (Optional) Click the segment name to display that segment in the Segment Builder.

    For more information, see Segments.

  4. (Conditional) In the UUID box, specify another Audience Manager profile ID, then click Refresh to view the traits and segments for that user.