Audience Marketplace for Data Providers audience-marketplace-for-data-providers

Overview and workflow for data providers who want to sell data from within Audience Manager.

Role-based permissions control access to Audience Marketplace features.
  • Administrators can create data feeds, manage subscribers, and subscribe to data feeds.
  • Users can search and view feeds only.

My Shared Data: About my-shared-data-about

My Shared Data is an Audience Marketplace feature for data providers (sellers). As a provider, it lets you bundle traits into data feeds and sell them for a flat fee or CPM rate to buyers from within Audience Manager. When activated, buyers can subscribe to a feed with a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, simple reporting tools track revenue and manage subscribers. Finally, with Audience Marketplace, Adobe takes care of invoice, billing, and fee payments for you. These features let you concentrate on building the effective and profitable data feeds that buyers want.

Features include:

  • Search: A search fields helps you find data feeds by name or text descriptions.
  • Name: The name of your data feed. You can hide this from buyers with a private, unbranded data feed.
  • Description: Tell buyers about the contents of your data feed.
  • Traits: The number of traits in each data feed. You can hide this from buyers with a private data feed.
  • Last 30 Day Uniques: The number of unique users seen in the last 30 days. You can hide this from buyers with a private data feed.
  • Last Month’s Total Fees: The amount subscribed data buyers owe you. The reporting period ends on the 10th of each month. Overdue accounts get flagged with the triangle/exclamation mark icon. You can deactivate a subscriber’s data feed if they misuse your data or if their account is overdue.
  • Status: Shows if a feed is active, inactive, private, or public.
  • Subscribers: Shows how many buyers are using a data feed. Click the number in this column to see a buyer’s company name, subscriptions, billing, and subscription status.
  • Requests: The number of access requests for a data feed.

Private Data Feeds private-data-feeds

In My Shared Data, sometimes a feed status is marked as private. This indicates a private data feed. A private data feed lets sellers limit buyer access to their data and even the name of the data feed. Sellers can make feeds private when they’re offering special deals, discounts, or when privacy and access control are important. With private data feeds, providers review and approve all buyer access requests. For more information, see Private Data Feeds. To create a public or private data feed, see Create a Public or Private Data Feed.