Audience Lab audience-lab

Create mutually exclusive test segments in Segment Test Groups to compare and measure effectiveness of different destinations. You can set aside a control group and divide your segment into percentages of a whole, in order to test efficacy.

Overview audience-lab-overview

Audience Lab uses Profile Link to power cross-device testing. This helps ensure a user qualifies for the same test segment and receives the same treatment across devices. The test segments in test groups will inherit the Profile Merge Rule the base segment has assigned to it.

The Audience Lab default view displays a card for each of the test groups. Click a card to access the Test Group view. This view includes the following information:

You are able to create up to 10 test groups, each one with up to 15 test segments.

Search and Filter Test Groups search-and-filter

Once you start creating multiple test groups with multiple test segments, it may be easier to use the search box to find a specific test group. You can search for a test group by:

  • The name of the test group;
  • The name of any of the test segments in your test group;
  • The description of the test group.

You can also filter your test groups by status. All available statuses are described in the Status section below.

Status status

The status of a test group can be active, scheduled, paused, draft, or completed. More information on each of them in the table below:

An active test group means that data is currently being sent to destinations. Press Pause Test in the Test Group card to suspend sending data to destinations.
A scheduled test group is not yet active but cannot be edited anymore. It will become active at the start date you selected in the Create Test Groups wizard.
A paused test group does not currently send data to destinations. Press Make Active in the Test Group card to resume sending traits.
A draft test group is not yet active and can still be edited. It does not yet send data to the mapped destinations.
A completed test group has reached the end date you selected in the Create Test Groups wizard and has stopped sending reporting data.

Actions actions

Available only for draft test groups. Allows you to resume the Create New Test Group wizard.
Available for active test groups. Allows you to pause sending the test segments to destinations.
Make Active
Available for paused test groups. Allows you to resume sending the test segments to destinations.
Available for completed test groups. Allows you to view the reporting information the test has generated.
Allows you to create a new test group with the same configuration as the one you are duplicating.
Allows you to delete a test group. The test segments will be unmapped from the destinations, the baseline segment and conversion traits associated to the test group are fully editable. An alert will prompt you to download the CSV file when you delete a test group to save the reporting if you wish.