Test Group Reporting test-group-reporting

The test group reporting section returns information on test group conversions, allowing an easy comparison of test segment efficacy. Numerous filters and dimensions are available for data visualization.

Audience Lab returns detailed reporting information for the test segments you created and allows you to save the reporting data as CSV files. You can select between Aggregate Reporting and Trend Reporting.

Aggregate Reporting returns the absolute numbers for your test segments. Trend Reporting returns a graph of the trend over a specific period. Four tabs enable you to customize the reports:

Population Conversion Rate
Returns the percentage of devices belonging to a particular test segment, which have converted.
Returns the number of devices that have exhibited the conversion trait(s) selected in the test groups. Watch this video to learn how to create conversion traits.
Total Conversions
Returns the number of conversions generated by the test segments.
Test Segment Populations
Returns the number of devices belonging to the test segments. Toggle between Total Population or Real-time Population. The difference is explained in the Reporting FAQ .

You can select a specific conversion trait for which to generate the report or you can select all traits combined. You can define a date range for which the information should be returned and export the report as a CSV file.

  • Reporting for a test group will populate the day after its start date.
  • A conversion is only counted for a device after the start date of a test and after the device has been added to a test segment. If a conversion happens for that device before it is assigned a test group, the conversion will not be counted.

A returned Aggregate Reporting chart could look like this:

A returned Trend Reporting chart could look like the one below. Select Normalized in the check box if you want to ignore the absolute numbers and simply focus on the test segments trends.