Audience Lab Advanced Functionality audience-lab-advanced-functionality

This article describes two features which provide advanced functionality for Audience Lab: Duplicate Allocation Template and Segment Holdout.

Duplicate Allocation Template duplicate-allocation-template

In Audience Lab, the Allocation Template represents the various selections you make when creating a test group:

  • The distribution of devices between test segments;
  • The mapping of test segments to destinations;
  • The conversion trait(s) you use for a test group;
  • The date range in which the test group publishes to your selected destinations.

By duplicating an allocation template, you can reuse the same distribution of test segments and destinations for a different base segment, in a new test group. An example of an allocation template is illustrated below. The image is taken from the Summary & Finalize step in the Create Test Group workflow.

Using Duplicate Allocation Template

Create an initial test group, then select Duplicate Allocation Template to reuse the same settings across multiple test groups. For example, you can use this feature if you’re running a test where you want to determine the efficacy of several destinations for multiple segments.

  1. In the Audience Lab main view, search for the test group whose allocation template you want to reproduce in a new test group. In the drop-down box, select Duplicate Allocation Template.

  2. In the Create Test Group wizard, you can specify a base segment and rename your test segments, if you wish.

  3. You cannot modify:

    • The distribution of devices between test segments;
    • The conversion trait(s);
    • The mapping of test segments to destinations. You can only fill in the mapping key, for the destinations that require one.
    • The date range in which your test group will publish to your selected destinations.
  4. Review the information you added in the previous steps and select Finalize Group.

Test Segment Holdout test-segment-holdout

Test Segment Holdout is an advanced functionality, activated on customer request. Please contact Customer Care or Adobe Consulting to activate this feature.

Use this feature to withhold part of the audience from being included in the test. The percentage you select is left out of the test. This way, you can measure and compare the number of conversions from targeted (activated on destinations) and untargeted (holdout group) audiences.

Using Test Segment Holdout

  1. Create a new test group by using the Create Test Group wizard.

  2. In the Allocate Test Segment step, you can select a part of the audience to be withheld from testing.

    List Item

  3. Use the slider to adjust how many devices you want to hold out from testing. Notice how Test Segment 1 and Test Segment 2 now only make out 70% of the total devices.

  4. Go through the rest of the steps in the Create Test Group workflow and select Finalize Group when you’re satisfied with your selection. You now have a test group with part of the audience withheld from testing.