Naming Conventions for Metadata Files naming-conventions-for-metadata-files

Name your Audience Optimization metadata file according to these specifications.

Syntax and ID Categories syntax

The following syntax defines the structure of a well-formed metadata file name. Note, italics indicates a variable placeholder. The other elements are constants and do not change.

Syntax: yyyymmdd_0_childID

Do not use file extensions in your metadata files (.txt or other).
  • The middle component 0 is technically the Parent ID, which is a legacy field. The value should always be set as 0.
  • The child ID can have a value between 1 and 10, depending on the dimension. See below:

Child ID dimensions child-dimension

In the metadata file name, the child ID is an identifier that classifies the type of data in a file and places it into a hierarchy. You can tag the child ID in file name with the following category IDs:

  1. Campaign
  2. Creative
  3. Placement
  4. Exchange
  5. Site
  6. Advertiser (if using integration codes in a data source)
  7. Insertion Order (IO)
  8. Vertical (i.e., a specific industry or business category like “computers,” “automobiles,” “real estate,” etc.)
  9. Tactic
  10. Business unit or brand

Example example

For a Creative metadata file, the file name could be 20190115_0_2.