Add Data Export Labels to a Destination add-data-export-labels

Data Export Labels work with the Export Controls you set on a data source. Data Export Labels prevent you from adding restricted traits to a segment and from sending segment data to a destination. You can set multiple export labels to a new or existing cookie or URL destination.

To add an export label, you need administrator permissions or sufficient privileges to create or edit a destination.

To add export labels to a destination:

  1. Click Audience Data:

    • For new destinations: Click Create New Destination. Complete the Basic Information section before you select a data export label. See Create a Cookie Destination or Create a URL Destination for information.
    • For existing destinations: Use the Search box to find your destination or scroll through the list and click on the destination name to open it.
  2. Select a Data Export Label. Leave the check boxes blank if you don’t want to set any export restrictions. Export labels include the following options:

    • This destination may enable a combination with personally identifiable information (PII)
    • This destination may be used for on-site ad targeting
    • This destination may be used for off-site ad targeting
    • This destination may be used for on-site ad personalization
    note important
    Export restrictions will not work unless you set a matching export control on a data source.

    1. Click **Save**.