Signals Dashboard signals-dashboard

Get an overview of the unused signals received by Audience Manager in the past 7 days and identify potential new traits. Unused signals reach Audience Manager from your online properties, but are not used in any of your existing traits. To view the Signals Dashboard, go to Audience Data > Signals. The Signals Dashboard shows you actionable insights based on your most active unused signals.

The Top Unused Signals and New Unused Signals sections only display records with more than 100 occurrences/hour. Signals below that threshold are included in Signals Search.

Top Unused Signals top-unused-signals

This section shows you the top 50 unused signals (both new and old) sent to Audience Manager in the past 7 days, based on their total count. Depending on the data Audience Manager receives, this table can include some or all of the entries in the New Unused Signals table.

New Unused Signals new-unused-signals

This section shows you the top 50 new unused signals received in the past 7 days.

Saved Searches saved-searches

Audience Manager shows all your saved searches on the Dashboard and reloads them every time you load the Dashboard.

Saved searches display the top 50 results for the corresponding criteria.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the Signals Dashboard.