Profile Merge Rules Dashboard profile-merge-rules-dashboard

Create and manage all your merge rules from the dashboard. You can create a maximum of 4 Profile Merge Rules.

The fourth Profile Merge Rule (All Cross-Device Profiles) is only available to customers who purchase the People-Based Destinations add-on.

The Profile Merge Rules dashboard provides a unified workspace that lets you manage your Profile Merge Rules. The dashboard is located at Audience Data > Profile Merge Rules. Your rules dashboard could look similar to the example shown below.

When working with Profile Merge Rules, you can:

  • Create a maximum of 4 Profile Merge Rules from your cross-device data sources. See Create a Cross-Device Data Source.
  • Designate a default merge rule. Segment Builder automatically applies the default rule to any new segments you create.
  • Apply Data Export Controls to a merge rule. Data Export Controls prevent you from sending data to destinations when that would violate data privacy or use agreements.
  • Track the average number of devices for each user.
  • Work with basic controls to create, edit, and delete rules. Only administrators can manage rules, but other users can view them and apply them to segments. See Profile Merge Rule Options Defined and Use Cases for Merge Rules.