Cross Channel Conversion cross-channel-conversion

The Cross Channel Conversion option in the Audience Optimization reports allows you to attribute offline conversions to served online impressions or clicks.

The Cross Channel Conversion reports combine results from the Google Campaign Manager platform with Audience Manager conversion traits. This lets you link offline conversions to online impressions or clicks.

You can use the Cross Channel Conversion for the Segment Performance and Optimal Frequency reports.

To view the Cross Channel Conversion reports, select the AAM + Ad Server Name item in the Platform drop-down list.

The following table lists important considerations when setting up Cross Channel Conversion:

Minimum number of conversion traits
At least one conversion trait must be assigned to a data source in order for the Cross Channel Conversion reports to run. See Basic Information for Traits for more information on traits.
Attribution window
The AAM+Google Campaign Manager attribution window is 14 days, meaning that only conversion traits exhibited in the last two weeks are considered.
Last-touch methodology
The creative that the user has seen last before converting is the one awarded the conversion.
Clicks versus impressions
A click takes precedence over an impression when deciding attribution if they occur at the exact same time. For example, on a page where multiple creatives are displayed, the one being clicked on is awarded the conversion.
Data recency
The reports are always calculated for data available the previous day.