Edit Your Account Settings edit-your-account-settings

Non-admin users can edit their own profiles, including changing their email addresses and resetting their passwords.

Admin users can create users and add them to groups for permission purposes, as explained in Create Users and Create a Group.

  1. In the Audience Manager header, click .
  2. Click Account Settings, then click Edit to display the My Account page.
  3. In the Email Address field, specify your new email address, if necessary. Audience Manager does not send regular notification to users. Audience Manager administrators have access to users’ email addresses and can manually email users as needed. For example, if a user forgets his or her password, the email address specified in this field is used to send a temporary password and instructions to reset the password.
  4. To reset your password, specify your current password, specify the new password, then confirm the new password.
    See also, Password Requirements, Locked Accounts, and Forgotten Passwords.
  5. Click Save.