Audience Manager Overview audience-manager-overview

Audience Manager helps you bring your audience data assets together, making it easy to collect commercially relevant information about site visitors, create marketable segments, and serve targeted advertising and content to the right audience. Furthermore, Audience Manager offers easy tag deployment and management with robust data collection, control, and protection.

With Audience Manager, you are not tied to a data seller, exchange, or demand-side platform. Additionally, Audience Manager is completely agnostic when it comes to our partners’ data assets. With access to multiple data sources, Audience Manager offers digital publishers the ability to use a wide variety of third-party data. Talk to our Partner Solutions team about help with making smart and accurate decisions about your target audience.

Three functions of a Data Management Platform (DMP) dmp-three-functions

The functions of a Data Management Platform (DMP) can be summarized into three categories, as shown below.

Image of three DMP functions: Data In, Audience Creation, Data Out

Data In

Audience Manager collects first-party data from channels and devices (web analytics, CRM, device data, e-commerce, etc.).

Audience Creation

Unifies data into audience profiles, giving you a complete customer view across devices and channels. Create look-alike models, build audience segments and groups of profiles, and supplement with second- and third-party data sources.

Data Out

Activates audience segments by pushing them out to demand-side platforms (DSPs), campaign management systems and other marketing platforms.

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