Save Search Criteria save-search-criteria

Optimize signal search efforts by saving up to 10 sets of search criteria to use whenever you need them, and track them on the Signals Dashboard. Audience Manager reloads the saved searches every time you load the Signals Dashboard.

  1. Go to Audience Data > Signals > Search and run a Signals Search with the key-value pairs and/or the filters that you want to save for future searches.

  2. Click Save this Search once you get the search results.

    Step Result

  3. Enter a suggestive name for the search, so you can identify it later.

  4. (Optional) Enable the Track this search result in the dashboard option if you want the signals dashboard to include the signals in the current search set.

  5. Select the Default Sorting criteria:

    • Total Counts
    • Key Name
  6. Choose the Default Sorting mode:

    • Descending
    • Ascending
  7. Click Save. You can see your saved search in the Saved Search section, and use it whenever you need it.

saved search

Watch the video below to learn how to save signal searches.