Create a GPT Destination create-a-gpt-destination

You can send qualified segments to Google Ad Manager through a client-side (browser-side) integration, or a server-side integration. If you choose the client-side integration, you must create a cookie-based destination for Google Publisher Tags in Audience Manager.


In Audience Manager, a destination is any other system (ad server, DSP, ad network, etc.) that you want to share data with. Destination Builder provides the tools that let you create and manage these data delivery processes. Audience Manager destination features are located in Audience Data > Destinations. To get started, click Add New Destination and follow the steps below.

Basic Information

To complete the Basic Information section:

  1. Name the destination.
  2. Select “Cookie” from the Type drop-down list.
  3. Click Next and move on to the Configuration and Segment Mappings sections.

Provide the following to complete the Configuration section (other fields are optional):

  1. Cookie Name: Provide a short, descriptive name for your cookie.
  2. Data Format: Select the “Single Key” option.
  3. Key: Provide a key name.
  4. Serialize: Select the Enable checkbox.
  5. Serial Delimiter: Use a comma only.

Segment Mappings

To add a segment to a cookie destination:

  1. Find segments: The Segment Mappings section provides two search tools to help locate segments. To find a segment:

    • Option 1: Start typing a segment name in the search field. The field updates automatically based on entered text. Click Add once you find the segment you want to use.
    • Option 2: Click Browse All Segments to open a window that lets you browse for segments by name or storage location. Click Add Selected Segments when done.
  2. Add Mappings: In the mappings pop, enter the segment ID in the mappings field and click Save.

  3. Click Done.