Batch Data Transfer Process Described batch-data-transfer-process-described

A general overview of how Audience Manager performs an asynchronous batch data exchange with a third-party vendor.

Batch Data Integration

The batch data integration process saves visitor information on our servers and synchronizes that material with data sent by a provider at regular intervals. The asynchronous data transfer process is useful when:

  • Immediate data transfers are not required.
  • Collecting data to build a large pool of segmented users.
  • You want to reduce data discrepancies and HTTP calls from the browser.

Data Integration Steps

  1. A user visits a customer site.
  2. Audience Manager and the third-party data provider assign the visitor a unique ID (usually with a cookie).
  3. Audience Manager calls the third-party data provider to match visitor IDs.
  4. A scheduled request, usually on a daily interval, exchanges visitor segment data between Audience Manager and your third-party data provider.
  5. Whenever an inbound Server-to-Server file is processed, a receipt is sent via email to partner solutions and, if configured, to the partner. For more information, see Sample Message to Partners after Inbound Processing.