Getting Started with Predictive Audiences predictive-audiences-getting-started

This article contains product documentation meant to guide you through the setup and usage of this feature. Nothing contained herein is legal advice. Please consult your own legal counsel for legal guidance.

Create a Predictive Audiences Model create-predictive-audiences

Before you create a Predictive Audiences model, you need to decide which first-party data source you want to assign your Predictive Audiences traits and segments to. You can use an existing first-party data source, or create a new one. See Manage Data Sources for details on how to create a new first-party data source.

Once you know which data source you’re going to use, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Audience Data > Models.

  2. In the Predictive Audiences section, click Add New.


  3. Next, define the personas that you want to classify your audience by. You can do this by choosing either traits or segments to build personas from. Use the Traits and Segments tabs in the upper left corner of the screen to switch between your trait and segments catalog. Once you’ve identified the traits or segments that you want to use as personas, click the corresponding Add icon in the Action column.

    note note
    You must choose a minimum of either two traits or two segments for your baseline personas. You cannot use a combination of both traits and segments.

    1. Click **Next** after you've defined your personas.

  4. Next, select the first-party audience that you want to classify by choosing a first-party trait or segment for this audience. Use the Traits and Segments tabs in the upper left corner of the screen to switch between your traits and segments catalog. Select the first-party trait or segment that you want to use as your audience, to add it to the model.

  5. Click Next after you’ve chosen your audience.

  6. Fill in the model details:

    • Model Name: Enter a descriptive name for the model, that will help you identify it later. Names of the segments generated by the model will start with the name of the model.
    • Description: Enter a description of the model that will help you identify its use case.
    • Data Source: Select the first-party data source that you want the Predictive Audiences segments from this model to be assigned to.
    • Profile Merge Rule: Select the Profile Merge Rule to be assigned for all predictive segments created by this model. If your selected target audience is a segment, we recommend selecting the same Profile Merge Rule of the target audience.
  7. Click Save.

Cloning and Editing Predictive Audience Models clone-predictive-audiences

Audience Manager does not support editing existing Predictive Audiences models. To change a model’s configuration, you can create a clone of an existing model and edit it. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Go to Audience Data > Models.

  2. Click the name of the Predictive Audiences model that you want to clone.

  3. Click the Clone button in the upper left side of the screen.

  4. Once you clone the model, you are taken to the Save & Configure page of the cloned model. In this page, you can change the data source and the assignedProfile Merge Rule of the model. To edit the personas and the target audience of the cloned model, use the Back and Next buttons to navigate between the three tabs, or click the three tab names


  5. When you are done editing a model, click Save.

Deleting Predictive Audiences delete-predictive-audiences

To delete a Predictive Audiences model, go to Audience Data > Models, find the model that you want to delete, and click the Delete icon.