Billing for Data Feed Providers billing-for-data-feed-providers

Generate an Audience Marketplace billing report to view data feed usage for the previous month for each of your subscribers. You can create a report for the previous month at any time. However, the report is more accurate when you generate it on or after the 10th day of the current month.

Download a Billing Report download-billing-report

To download a report:

  1. Go to Audience Marketplace > Receivables.
  2. Click Generate Billing Report.

Report Fields Defined report-fields-defined

A billing report contains the following information.

Report Field
Data Provider PID
Your Audience Manager data provider ID.
Data Provider Name
Your company or organization name.
Buyer PID
Buyer (subscriber) ID.
Buyer Name
The buyer's company or organization name.
Feed ID
The ID of the data feed
Feed Name
The name of the data feed.
Plan Use Cases

Use cases let sellers control how buyers use data. Options include:

  • Segments and overlap
  • Modeling
  • Activation

See Plan Types for Data Feeds.

Unit of Measure
Indicates CPM or flat fee billing.
List Price
The subscription fee for each data feed.
Discounted Price
The subscription fee for a discounted data feed. See Discounts for Data Providers.

Varies by feed price type:

  • Flat fee data feeds: Returns 1 only.
  • CPM data feeds: Returns the actual usage amount for CPM data feeds. If a subscriber has not provided impression data for a CPM feed, the Units cell is empty and the Flag cell is set to 1.
Total Cost
The amount Audience Manager bills a buyer.
Billing Period
In the report, this is the last day of the previous month.
Entry Date
The date a buyer entered subscription / usage information.
Subscription Start Date
The date a buyer started their data feed subscription.
Subscription End Date
The date a buyer ended their data feed subscription.

For CPM feeds only. Flag options include:

  • 0: Indicates a subscriber has reported usage information to Audience Manager.
  • 1: Indicates a subscriber has not reported usage information to Audience Manager.