File Compression for Inbound Data Transfer Files file-compression-for-inbound-data-transfer-files

You can compress data files when sending them to Audience Manager.

Audience Manager supports gzip (.gz) compression for inbound, asynchronous data transfers.

Audience Manager also supports uncompressed files.

We don’t support encryption on inbound files compressed using gzip (.gz).
To encrypt and compress inbound files, use PGP encryption. PGP encryption includes file compression.

Amazon S3 Compression

For delivery to Amazon S3, you must use .gz or uncompressed files. Compressed files must be 1 GB or smaller. If the files are larger, please discuss the file and transfer process with Customer Care. Although Audience Manager can handle very large files, there may be ways to reduce the file size or make transfer of data more efficient.

Your FTP client must use binary mode to transfer compressed or encrypted files. Compressed or encrypted files sent in ASCII mode will corrupt the data transfer file.

Best Practices

  • Files should be .gzip compressed (and have a .gz file extension).
  • The maximum compressed file size for a .gz compressed file is 1 GB.
  • Optimal split sizes, for fastest/earliest processing of your files, is approximately 1 GB uncompressed or 200-300 MB compressed.
  • Amazon S3 imposes its own, 5 GB file size limit on uploaded files.