Data Privacy Overview data-privacy


The Data Privacy documentation describes Audience Manager integration and compliance with generally accepted best practices related to consumer privacy and opt-out procedures.

Audience Manager recognizes the importance of the relationship between consumers and the online brands they interact with. Both parties benefit from the transparent exchange of pseudonymous data elements:

  • Consumers receive personalized content, discounted product offers, and streamlined user experiences.
  • Brands receive vital revenue streams supporting multiple online business models.

In our continuing support of this model, Audience Manager remains committed to providing you with the tools to help support your ability to provide transparency and control to your consumers, while delivering personalized ads subject to the Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) Self-Regulatory Principles.

GDPR gdpr

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced several new data privacy rights for members of the European Union, including the Right to Access and the Right to be Forgotten. This means that any EU citizen whose personal data has been collected by your business can request to access or delete their data at any time. Failure to comply with these requests can result in multi-million dollar fines for your organization.

To comply with GDPR, Audience Manager supports data access and delete requests.

CCPA ccpa

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which came into effect on January 1st, 2020, provides California residents new rights regarding their personal information and imposes data protection responsibilities on certain entities that conduct business in California.

CCPA provides new data privacy rights to California residents, including the right to access and delete their personal data and to know whether their personal data is sold or disclosed (and to whom). To comply with CCPA, Audience Manager supports CCPA access and delete requests.

See the Adobe Privacy Center for more details.

Regulations Compliance compliance

Audience Manager helps you comply with your obligations under certain privacy regulations, through privacy tools like the Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service for data access and delete requests.

This service provides a RESTful API and user interface to help you manage consumer data requests. Using the Privacy Service, you can submit requests to access and delete personal data, based on an individual consumer’s request, helping to automate this portion of your compliance obligations.

While data access and deletion requests are handled through the Privacy Service, opt-out requests are currently supported through the DCS API. See Data Privacy Requests for details.