Audience Optimization for Advertisers audience-optimization-for-advertisers

Audience Optimization for Advertisers can help you identify potential performance opportunities for Audience Manager segments across your paid media campaigns. These reports combine log-level campaign performance data with Audience Manager segment metrics to inform segment-centric optimizations and an effective channel mix.

Data Ingestion Methods data-ingestion-methods

You can send data to Audience Manager for use in these reports by either of these methods. Sometimes, customers send data by both methods. This helps ensure your reports contain the most comprehensive and accurate information about a visitor. To use the Audience Optimization reports, your event calls must include all of the parameters listed in the Overview and Mappings for Metadata Files documentation. You can send data via the following methods listed below.

Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) rbac

The type of reports you can view depend on the RBAC group you’re assigned to. See Administration and Create a Group for more information.

RBAC groups must have some data sources set up in order to view the Audience Optimization reports. Your Audience Manager consultant will set up these data sources for you. The more data sources in each RBAC user group, the more data those group members will have access to. At a minimum, your consultant will set up at least one of these data sources:

  • Advertiser data source
  • Brand data source
  • Platform data source

Users that belong to more than one RBAC user group can switch between each group’s view. The displayed data will update to respect the selected group. If your company does not use RBAC, all users will have admin privileges and access to all the data sources (conversion groups).

Conversion Groups conversion-groups

In the Audience Optimization reports, Conversion Groups are synonymous with data sources that contain at least one conversion trait. Data sources which do not contain at least one conversion trait do not appear in the Audience Optimization reports. You can view the conversion traits for conversion groups in the Reported Conversion Traits report.