Leverage Amazon S3 Cross-Account Bucket Permissions for Your Inbound Files leverage-amazon-s-cross-account-bucket-permissions-for-your-inbound-files

To send data from your own Amazon S3 bucket to Audience Manager, you must first request the configuration of a dedicated Amazon S3 role.

To do this, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Contact Customer Care and request an alternative method of sending files to Audience Manager.
  2. Provide Customer Care with the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for a role in your Amazon S3 account that you will be using to send files. This role must be created before you contact Customer Care. After the configuration is complete, Customer Care will provide you the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the newly created role.
  3. Edit the permissions of your existing Amazon S3 role to assume the role provided by Customer Care.
When transfering inbound data to the Audience Manager Amazon S3 bucket, make sure to use the bucket-owner-full-control access control list in order for Audience Manger to correctly process the data.
Example for the Amazon Web Services command: aws s3 cp <user_s3_uri> <AAM_s3_uri> --acl bucket-owner-full-control