Outbound File History outbound-file-history

View outbound batch job history information for a specified destination and time period.

  1. Click Analytics > Outbound File History.

    Step Result

  2. In the Search for a Destination box, start typing and select the desired destination.

  3. In the Select a Date Range box, specify the start and end dates for your report, then click Apply Date Filter.

    Step Result

    The following table contains information corresponding to columns in the report:

Data Sync File Name
List of all outbound files that Adobe generated for this destination that were processed together.
Number of records that were successfully sent from Audience Manager to the destination.
Number of records that could not be sent to the destination.
Records Received
Total number of records Adobe generated in the files and attempted to send to the destination. In most cases, this should be the total number of successful files and failed files.