Add or Edit Segments for Server-to-Server Destinations add-edit-segments

You can only add or edit segments for a server-to-server (S2S) destination. You cannot create S2S destinations with Destination Builder. Contact your consultant to set up S2S destinations. Follow these instructions to add or edit segments for an S2S destination.

To add or edit segment mappings for an S2S destination:

  1. Go to Audience Data > Destinations. Select Integrated Platforms > Device-Based and find the S2S destination you want to work with.

  2. In the Action column, click the pencil icon to edit the destination.

    • In the Search and Add Segments box, start typing the name of a segment or click Browse All Segments browse a list of available segments.

    • Click Add Selected Segments when you find the segment you want to use. Adding a segment opens the Edit Mapping window.

    • In Edit Mapping:

      • Mappings: Set a value for the key-value pair used by this destination.
      • Start Date and End Date: Choose a start and end date for the destination. If the end date is blank, the destination never expires.
  3. Click Save and then click Done.